Created for The Sunday Game Jam #5

A very short pinball game where you play as the ball, and your objective is to get the least amount of points.

I was travelling during this edition of The Sunday Game Jam, so I had less time to work on the game (too busy being a tourist :P).

YouTube video (pt-BR audio, english subtitles):

The Sunday Game Jam is a show where I make a game every weekend, from saturday to sunday, in 24 hours. I'm making these as my own spin on the 100 days of code, and I'll be using various engines and tools to make the games, and art/animations/music when required. The focus here is to learn and test ideas, and to have fun! :)

As a programmer, my general focus is on mechanics, not art nor music, but there will be games where I'll challenge myself to make better-looking drawings and music.


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The computer is way too good at pinball haha

oops :X

I wanted to make it easier to control the ball, but the game would have been too easy... so I decided to make the AI the way it is :P

I kind of underestimated the challenge of designing (and drawing) pinball machines with this game, I spent a lot more time to make this terrible machine than I expected to, so I had less programming time than I expected xP